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The Future Of Work Is Powered By Al & ML

The Future Of Work Is Powered By Al & ML

The technologies that support artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are maturing quickly. They can now support a broader array of functions that can do a lot to improve efficiency, performance and the employee experience, taking on simple tasks to drive data-driven decision making in efficient, hybrid work environments.

Despite recognizing the promise of these technologies, many businesses are slow to adopt AI and ML tools. Some might be unsure of the benefits. Others might be skeptical of the capabilities of AI. You will also find many who are reluctant to make the financial investment and some who just don’t want to change the way they do things.

This reluctance to change won’t be tenable for long. Tools are becoming more accessible and costs are decreasing. If your business does not leverage AI and ML, your competition will.

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Alternative Text Kathy Leake
CEO of Crux Intelligence and four-time founder/board member. Putting AI in the hands of every business user.