Kathy Leake named Trailblazer Woman Leader by Aspioneer

Kathy Leake named Trailblazer Woman Leader by Aspioneer

Aspioneer Cover Story, 2022

As business owners in the twenty-first century, we could all agree that one of the primary contributors to a successful and sustainable organization is the “intelligence” of our establishment. While us humans define intelligence as “the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills” business intelligence or BI refers to “the procedural and technical infrastructure that collects, stores, and analyzes the data produced by a company’s activities.”

In simpler words, the role of BI is to empower businesses to make the most accurate and well-informed, data driven decisions over the course of their lifespans. When it comes to creating resiliency in a business’ functioning, one company has emerged a cut above the rest due to their ability to empower business users to make the most insightful decisions possible, through its powerful and intuitive AI technology.

Educate. Enlighten. Empower

For Kathy, Crux was all about being a ground-breaking and modern solution to the age-old problem of correct business analytics. To this regard, Crux Intelligence was created as an alternative to predefined/rigid and traditional business intelligence dashboards as a company that provides insights in a curated, conversational and dynamically generated way.

“Revolutionize the way business intelligence is currently delivered in business. The premise that intelligence should be available to all business users – anytime & anywhere – is a disruptive idea. The exciting part is bringing this idea to life.”

Developed as a mobile-first platform to provide curated, on-demand insights anytime and anywhere, Crux Intelligence helps to answer the “why” behind many of the most pressing business questions. Created with a priority towards intuitive navigation and simple design, the platform is designed to successfully navigate through the oceans of data and provide valuable insight at the click of a button, making it the go-to for organizations to track and improve their top-line performance.

Often described by businesses as the “Alexa and Google for Business,” not only is Crux one of the most user friendly and engaging platform but is also voice enabled, providing real time insights in a more seamless, consumable, intuitive, and agile way. With Crux, users can ask the most complex data questions in their simple, natural language and just sit back while the system deciphers the intent of the user and the context of the question. After this Crux automatically presents the answer using the most appropriate graphical presentation on its easy-to-access mobile UI.

Kathy states “we want to make AI less elitist & less ethereal in business (as already exists in B2C, aka Siri / Alexa) – why can’t it be the same for B2B?”.

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Crux Intelligence is an enterprise-level AI platform that helps diagnose, predict, and prescribe what will happen in your business.