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How does it work?

Mobile First Design

Mobile first makes it easy

We designed Crux Intelligence for mobile first, making the interface remarkably simple to use, read, interpret, and optimize for any user regardless of skillset, expertise in analytics, or level of data experience. And our desktop version is equally accessible and powerful.

Curated data for a personalized experience

As you use the Crux Intelligence platform, its continuous learning engine is always-on, learning from what you’re looking for and what information you need most. The result is the creation of a system of curated data personalized to you and your organization’s needs.

Personalized Experience

It’s always on! Insights surface automatically

Crux Intelligence is more intuitive than simple on-demand tools. Our diagnostic, Machine Learning algorithms automatically analyze data and your interactions with your data to detect the drivers impacting your business and automatically surface up the insights that matter most for your success. You’ll never miss a thing and you’ll often get a view into the unexpected.

Insights Surface Automatically

Deceptively smart

Don’t let the simple interface fool you. Crux Intelligence is as smart as you need it to be. Sure, you can use natural language to find the information you need most, quickly, and in easy to use format, but Crux Intelligence is also an incredibly powerful Augmented Analytics platform putting the best AI to work for you when you need it most.

Deceptively Smart Analytics

Speedy, secure implementation

Executives require data help. Crux Intelligence employs AI to proactively work with business users, delivering actionable insights right to their phones to help them meet their goals.

It’s not magic, but
it is magical.

It’s not magic, but
it is magical.

Vikash Raj

“Crux Intelligence is magical in how it crushes complexities in data for business users”

Vikash Raj  Head of Analytics and Process Engineering

The right tool makes anything possible

Empowers Decision Makers

Decision Makers

Enables Revenue Officers

Enables Revenue Officers

Optimises Data Analysts

Optimises Data Analysts


More agile than you imagined

How important is it for you to have the right data at the right time to drive the right decisions?

To keep up and ahead of the competition, it’s every-day important

To take advantage of growth opportunities, it’s mission-critical

To manage a crisis, it’s imperative

For most businesses, making better decisions faster can make all the difference.