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Guide To CPG Analytics In 2022

Guide To CPG Analytics In 2022

It has been a turbulent couple of years for businesses in consumer packaged goods. The Covid-19 pandemic sent a significant shock through the established patterns.

Many of the changes during the pandemic altered the ways people shop for and engage with products. It took time for companies in the CPG industry to adapt. Just as we were settling into a new way of doing business, we start to see inflation causing new issues. Add the climbing gas prices to the mix, and you can see there is a lot for CPG companies to consider during 2022.

For many, this means investing in smart, efficient resources that can assist with and improve CPG data analytics. From analyzing sales data to capitalize on shifts in consumer buying behaviors, to prescribing the best price scenario to move goods despite increased consumer cost, being able to respond fast to emerging trends and change the way you market to your customer faster and with greater intensity is the true value of advanced CPG analytics.

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