Crux Intelligence Announces Patent Granted by USPTO for ASK Adaptive Question Answering System

Crux Intelligence Announces Patent Granted by USPTO for ASK Adaptive Question Answering System

ASK engine sets new natural language processing innovation standard with US patent

NEW YORK CITY, New York — April 5, 2022— Crux Intelligence, the enterprise-level AI platform that helps diagnose, predict, and prescribe what will happen in your business,  announced today that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued a U.S. Patent for the company’s one-of-a-kind natural language processing (NLP) engine ASK. A subsidiary of AI giant Fractal Analytics, Crux Intelligence is the leading provider of augmented analysis and business intelligence tools that deliver unparalleled data access, quality and speed to insights through the convergence of NLP, ML and AI.

“At Crux, we have always aimed to build an intuitive AI platform that empowers businesses to make faster, more informed decisions, anywhere, anytime,” said Neha Prabhugaonkar, Co-Founder & Head of Data Science at Crux Intelligence. “We are also constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the field of business intelligence with advanced AI solutions  . This patent clearly indicates that we have achieved that goal, and we look forward to extending the NLP-based data insights capabilities of the ASK engine even further.”

Trusted by Fortune 500 companies across the business world – including P&G, Mondelez, GSK, Farmers Insurance and many more – Crux Intelligence dramatically simplifies the experience for business data analytics users, including revenue, innovation and information leaders, by providing automatic identification of changes within the company’s KPIs. The platform relies on machine learning and a smart semantic layer to study each individual user, delivering constant improvements through tailored insights. Central to this success is ASK.

NLP remains a foremost challenge for businesses today with many solutions falling short of delivering the context and accuracy needed to drive results. Through the ASK engine and the smart systems, Crux Intelligence maps the information journey of a user from asking simplistic questions, conditional questions, to more detailed complex questions. Leveraging user interactions, feedback, and other sources, the ASK engine continuously learns. The engine understands user questions, intelligently answers them, and makes relevant assumptions wherever necessary. By adapting to both the context and the data visualization, it adapts its answers with respect to a user’s characteristics, goals, and needs, thus improving quality and experience and dramatically shortening time to insights.

The patent is directed specifically to ASKs adaptive question answering system. Because the majority of known question answering systems are static systems, these systems rarely interact with users, and they are incapable of learning and adapting answers based on the context of a question. ASK differs from this and has been granted a patent for its adaptive question-answering system. By learning from a user’s interactions and adapting both context and data visualization, ASK delivers answers that can be tailored to their particular characteristics, goals and needs. ASK employs a variety of NLP approaches to identify the key entities and their relationships within a business query. These include Word Sense Disambiguation, Bayesian algorithms, Syntactic and Semantic parsing, and Deep Learning algorithms, such as Bi-LSTMs.

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About Crux Intelligence: Crux Intelligence, formerly known as, is a business intelligence company that puts AI into the hands of every business user. Developed as a mobile-first platform to provide curated, on-demand insights available any-time, anywhere, Crux Intelligence helps to answer the “why” behind many of the most pressing business questions. Crux is always on. It continuously scans any enterprise data to identify areas of issues through anomalies and pattern recognition algorithms and alerts the user on what they need to know. Crux allows business users in enterprises to access data and insights in the most natural way possible – ask questions on enterprise data in plain English.

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Crux Intelligence is an enterprise-level AI platform that helps diagnose, predict, and prescribe what will happen in your business.